Authentic Glamour

The long-awatited addition to our collection of natural fibre wall coverings has arrived! With an added twist of glamour, of course.

Find your favourite from gilded water hyacinth in colours of Rose Gold, Metal and Emerald or the sparkling pearl & vermiculite mica chips which add an instant shine to any space.

Metallic sprayed paper weaves and white washed raffia add to the mix of moody shades, in natural sisal wovens, to make this collection truly memorable.

*Please note our wallpaper colours may vary slightly, before ordering your wallpaper online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Frozen Pearl - Asphalt
Frozen Pearl - Ice
Frozen Pearl - Smoked
Grassroots - Agave
Grassroots - Straw
Heavy Sisal - Oceana

Heavy Sisal - Vineyard
Hemp - Straw
Hyacinth - Emerald
Hyacinth - Metal
Hyacinth - Natural
Hyacinth - Rose Gold

Linden - Chalk
Metallic - Diamond
Metallic - Slate
Raffia - Grasslands
Raffia - Pacific