Festa Crockery

Turn every meal into a special occasion with our new stoneware collection. Entitled Festa, which means 'party' in Portuguese, this new collection of stoneware has a matte finish and is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. The colour palette is contemporary and subdued, suiting every day style with ease.

*Please note the colours on our imagery may vary from the actual product. Before ordering products from our website, we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.*


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Dinner plate

Dinner plate - Azul
Dinner plate - Branco
Dinner plate - Cinza
Dinner plate - Neutro
Dinner plate - Preto

Side Plate

Side Plate - Azul
Side Plate - Branco
Side Plate - Cinza
Side Plate - Neutro
Side Plate - Preto

Pasta Plate

Pasta Plate - Azul
Pasta Plate - Branco
Pasta Plate - Cinza
Pasta Plate - Neutro
Pasta Plate - Preto

Salad Bowl Large

Salad Bowl Large - Azul
Salad Bowl Large - Branco
Salad Bowl Large - Cinza
Salad Bowl Large - Neutro
Salad Bowl Large - Petro

Salad Bowl Medium

Salad Bowl Medium - Azul
Salad Bowl Medium - Branco
Salad Bowl Medium - Cinza
Salad Bowl Medium - Neutro
Salad Bowl Medium - Preto

Large Bowl

Large Bowl - Azul
Large Bowl - Branco
Large Bowl - Cinza
Large Bowl - Neutro
Large Bowl - Preto

Small Bowl

Small Bowl - Azul
Small Bowl - Branco
Small Bowl - Cinza
Small Bowl - Neutro
Small Bowl - Preto

Dip Bowl

Dip Bowl - Azul
Dip Bowl - Branco
Dip Bowl - Cenza
Dip Bowl - Neutro
Dip Bowl - Preto


Platter - Azul
Platter - Branco
Platter - Cinza
Platter - Neutro
Platter - Preto


Cup - Azul
Cup - Branco
Cup - Preto