A maximalist, moreish upholstery and curtaining collection featuring 10 opulent designs that have nothing in common except for their luxurious look and feel. From velvet leopard prints and lurex shot tweeds to wide-width jacquards and oversized dobbies, everything about this collection is abundant.

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly, before ordering your fabric online we suggest you check the actual colours at one of our showrooms.
Bliss - Au Natarale
Bliss - Fiery
Bliss - Greenlake
Bliss - Honey
Ecstatic - Au Natarale
Ecstatic - Berry
Ecstatic - Lagoon
Elysium - Au Natarale
Elysium - Ink
Euphoria - Au Natarale
Euphoria - Fiery
Euphoria - Gold

Euphoria - Lagoon
Euphoria - Sand
Euphoria - Silver
Euphoria - Taupe
Idylic - Fiery
Idylic - Lagoon
Idylic - Silver
Jubilant - Greenlake
Perfection - Berry
Perfection - Greenlake
Perfection - Honey
Transcend - Au Natarale
Transcend - Fiery
Transcend - Greenlake
Transcend - Honey
Wild Cat - Berry
Wild Cat - Gold
Wild Cat - Ink

Wild Cat - Lagoon